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A Writer’s Resolutions

It’s 2010, which sounds weirdly futuristic, but nevertheless here we are. The imagined future has once again surprised us by becoming the lived present. Time to embrace the calendar by making short-term promises to ourselves.

In no particular order, here are a few of my resolutions:

*I resolve to write down poetic lines when they come to me, rather than thinking I can hold them in my head until I “have time” to turn them into a real poem.

*I resolve to write at least a little bit each day — poem, blog, journal, essay, whatever — even when I don’t “have time.”

*I resolve to complete my almost-completed collection of essays, think of a better title for it, and actively try to get it published.

*I resolve to communicate more with fellow writers, sharing critiques with generosity and gratitude. (If this applies to you, feel free to hold me to it!)

*I resolve to complete oral history interviews with both of my parents.

*I resolve to submit more work to literary magazines.

*I resolve to keep living a life rich in material for writing, even if it leaves me less time for writing.

I surely recognize that the above resolutions are ambitious and partly contradictory. Maybe posting them here in cyberspace will help me fulfill them.

What are your writerly resolutions? Feel free to post a comment.

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