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On the eve of the vernal equinox, 2011

Dearest Robin, How I wish we could have been there with you, Shannon and so many of our community to celebrate Laura’s life.  We tried to reschedule Bob’s appointment at Aspen for this week, but we still didn’t have all the wheelchair parts he needs replaced after his accident before he can get his seating […]

Tribute to Laura by FIRE — Feminist International Radio Endeavour


from Robin Morgan

I’ve just learned of this loss of one of contemporary feminism’s greats. My heart goes out to Laura’s cherished partner, Robin Stephens, and their child. But Laura’s legacy is huge–as a political leader, a feminist and disability rights activist, and especially a writer: her work lives on, inspiring, witty, never sentimental or self indulgent, and–in […]

Family photos

Here are some family photos of Laura throughout the years: Family Photos

What A Long Time Ago – Taping “You Get Proud”

During the long holiday time, I’ve finally had time to give full attention to my memories of Laura. It had completely escaped me, until reading other posts that I, and my husband of the time, helped Laura to record the master tape of You Get Proud by Practicing, as well as her collection of poems […]

Obituary in the Littleton Independent

Laura’s obituary in the Littleton Independent


I have been privileged to have been one of Laura’s attendants for the last five years, and to have been present for her final day.  Laura had a way of encouraging every person she encountered to find and express their truest voice.  So in that spirit I’d like to share a poem I wrote to […]

Nephew Daniel’s contribution


Robin, I can’t tell you how much both you and Laura influenced me, and encouraged me to be a free thinker for our movement, even when it’s difficult and makes waves. I’ve always felt encouraged by Laura in this way, and her support has always been deeply appreciated. Laura was so brilliant, and so passionate, […]