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I am crest fallen at news of Laura’s passing. I first met Laura about ten years ago when she was at HCPF and I was working at Connections in Greeley.  I admired her passion, poise, grit, and PRIDE! She was so accessible and giving of her vast knowledge and so open. When I moved to NM I kept […]

Missing her loving, smart voice calling b******t.

On Thanksgiving, one of the things I was thankful for was writers who make me think.  All too quickly we’re mourning the passing of one of the people I had in mind when I wrote that.  Laura Hershey was, among so many other things, a poet, writer, activist, word nerd, Scrabble ass-kicker, disability-rights mentor, partner, […]

New Mobility magazine obituary

Here’s a tribute to Laura in New Mobility magazine.


I  remember first meeting Laura and Robin at the International Conference on Women with Disabilities.  From the very first moment I felt like I had known them both forever. I’m still in such shock over Laura’s sudden passing.  I don’t have words that could adequately explain how I feel. If  I said she was one […]

Michael Bailey

We first met at about noon on May 22, 1999 – Day two of the May Media Meeting in Louisville. We were in small groups and you were so friendly that I sat by you. What I remember most are your eyes. So intelligent and full of humor and mischief. Like you were just waiting […]

musical version of You Get Proud by Practicing

Laura’s famous poem was set to music, and this version is sung by the Calliope Women’s Chorus who commissioned the work. Listen here: “You Get Proud by Practicing” words by Laura Hershey, music by Diane Benjamin

Welcome to the memorial page for Laura Hershey.

It is important to have a place for memories of Laura and to post our favorite pictures. All of us knew Laura in many different ways. This is a place to write, read, and reminisce about how Laura impacted our lives.  Pictures can only be uploaded through me at radrobins@cripcommentary.com. To post, register and log […]