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Michael Bailey

We first met at about noon on May 22, 1999 – Day two of the May Media Meeting in Louisville. We were in small groups and you were so friendly that I sat by you. What I remember most are your eyes. So intelligent and full of humor and mischief. Like you were just waiting to see how ‘got it’. I bought your poems when I got home and read them and wrote you. You wrote back. Just a couple months ago I reminded you of how much I love “Petunias” and “The Prostitutes of Nairobi” and you thanked me for remembering ‘that old stuff.’ You and Robin made a big effort to come and hear Eleanor and I at the PEAK conference. It was so much fun visiting and lately all the celebrations of Shannon, anniversaries and travel.
Thank you Laura for being my friend. You made such a difference in my life and everytime I think of you I will remember the first time I saw you and that wonderful twinkle in your eyes. I miss you.

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