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I am crest fallen at news of Laura’s passing. I first met Laura about ten years ago when she was at HCPF and I was working at Connections in Greeley.  I admired her passion, poise, grit, and PRIDE! She was so accessible and giving of her vast knowledge and so open. When I moved to NM I kept up with Laura via facebook.  It has been so wonderful to watch Laura blossom as a Mom. My homesickness was always made better by seeing the pictures of Colorado’s magnificent beauty and my heart was made bigger by the love that emminated from the posts about Robin and Shannon and their family. Laura lived more in her lifetime then most could do in ten! I will miss her always and keep practicing my pride! I love you Laura. My thoughts and prayers are with you Robin and Shannon and to all my brothers and sisters in the disability community and elsewhere who are grieving the loss of this truly awesome warrior women.

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    on Mar 12th, 2012 at 11:14 am

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