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What A Long Time Ago – Taping “You Get Proud”

During the long holiday time, I’ve finally had time to give full attention to my memories of Laura. It had completely escaped me, until reading other posts that I, and my husband of the time, helped Laura to record the master tape of You Get Proud by Practicing, as well as her collection of poems based on her experiences in Nairobi.  I still have those cassettes. That was the first of many times that I was touched not only by Laura’s intellect, but her grace, humor, compassion and righteous anger. Each year, I would read the end of year letters, and seeing all that both she and Robin had done, give myself a good talking to about “what’s in your way of doing what you need and want to do!” I wish I could say I always rose to the motivation her life and her life with Robin spurred me to each new year, but I did try and this new year will remind myself again to move along with what matters. In grateful remembrance…

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