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Last Word on the MDA Telethon (at least for this year)

Ego and Soul Yes, the Telethon was bad again this year, at least the bits I watched. One thing that continues to amaze me is how big a role Jerry Lewis’ big ego plays, all the way throughout the Telethon. Here’s one late-night quotation that I bothered to write down: “This child in the [Boston] […]

Five personal reasons why I want our lawmakers to vote FOR the health care reform bill, imperfect though it is…

Five personal reasons why I want our lawmakers to vote FOR the health care reform bill, imperfect though it is: 1. I hope that some of my disabled sisters and brothers currently in nursing facilities will be able to leave the institutions, and receive the support they need under the bill’s plan to improve Medicaid. […]


I woke up with this thought today, and decided to write it down, illustrate it, and put it out there in cyberspace.

Does Dartmouth Study Distort Health Spending Data?

In the ongoing health care debate, it seems that we hear more frequently about patients costing too much money, rather than about the vast amounts being hoarded by the profit-hungry corporate insurance system and/or wasted by senseless decisions in both the private and public sector. A current article in the New York Times describes the […]

Long-Term Care: the Key To Successful Health Care Reform

With all the shouting and animosity at town halls and on blogs, is it possible to find any common ground in the current debate around health care reform debate? One side argues that meddling in our market-based insurance system will limit consumer choices and cost a fortune. Another side contends that we’re heading for disaster […]

My Proposed Formula for Health Care Rationing

In response to my recent article in U.S. News & World Report, and to some of my blog posts, several people have pointed out this indisputable fact: Resources being finite, some form of rationing is inevitable and necessary. I agree. So I propose that we start freeing up dollars to improve and expand medical and […]

Putting My U.S. News & World Report Article in Perspective

I had an op-ed essay opposing futile care policies and health care rationing published in the August 2009 issue of U.S. News & World Report. The print magazine hit newsstands several weeks ago, and yesterday it was posted on the magazine’s website. Shortly after I submitted my essay, I started hearing some Republicans criticizing President […]

Don’t Sacrifice Disabled People’s Lives to Balance Bungled Budgets

In several states, crucial services for people with disabilities are being sacrificed to the politics of fear and greed. We all know the economy is bad, ravaged by orgies of risky investing and corruption. Corporations and other private entities largely created this mess — though certainly federal government agencies such as the Securities and Exchange […]