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Daily Life – Laura Hershey: Writer, Poet, Activist, Consultant
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Poem: “Adopting a Fourteen-Year-Old in the 21st Century”

Adopting a Fourteen-Year-Old in the 21st Century Teenage girls hate difference, and their mothers. They want concave bellies, current fashion, and to fit in. That was my fear, and her other mom’s: that she might despise our dyke passion, our wheelchairs, Robin’s speech, my respirator, or her own awkward tender girl body. Would the pride […]

More Thoughts about Public Space

A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog post about intolerance toward the presence of certain bodies and behaviors in public space. I probed the experiences of those of us who enter public space with non-conforming bodies, bringing along a distinct and, to some, disturbing set of sounds, images, and ways of moving. Recently, […]

Some Thoughts about Public Space

Today, completely by accident, I ran across this blog post by a blogger at “Student Activism,” about whom I previously knew nothing. In fact, I still don’t know anything about this writer. (Unlike me, a lot of bloggers seem not to want to disclose their identities too soon.) This thoughtful post, entitled “Childhood, Disability, and […]


I woke up with this thought today, and decided to write it down, illustrate it, and put it out there in cyberspace.

A Writer’s Resolutions

It’s 2010, which sounds weirdly futuristic, but nevertheless here we are. The imagined future has once again surprised us by becoming the lived present. Time to embrace the calendar by making short-term promises to ourselves. In no particular order, here are a few of my resolutions: *I resolve to write down poetic lines when they […]

The Meaning of Christmas (according to me)

I’m no preacher, no sage, no Linus Van Pelt; but like most westerners enduring the commercialized chaos of Christmas, I occasionally find myself thinking about what the season might really mean. When I do think about it, here’s where my thinking leads: The meaning of Christmas, like the meaning of life, has to be invented, […]

The End of an Era

Today I said goodbye to an old friend: my 1994 Ford Econoline van, in all its Tobago green glory. I called last week to arrange to donate it to my local public radio station, and it was picked up this morning by tow truck. Once it’s sold at auction, I’ll get a tax deduction. I’ll […]

The Halloween Costume Dilemma

When I was a kid, I coveted the presents that came on Christmas and birthdays, and I stuffed myself on Thanksgiving. I felt like a real sleuth searching for Easter eggs. I took a pyromaniac joy in the Fourth of July festivities. But of all the holidays traditionally celebrated by American Protestants, my favorite was […]